Next Level Northwest provides an intensive business acceleration program for business operators who are ready and committed to taking their business to the next level. Learn how to solve challenging business issues and increase productivity with support and guidance from an NLNW-approved professional business coach and access to a regional mentor network.

How We Do It



Gain the support you need from the community and other local businesses


Get answers and critical feedback from coaches and mentors


Continue to learn from each other’s challenges and successes

Phase 1 - Accelerator Engagement

Business operators can apply to the program by completing and submitting a background application packet to Next Level Northwest. Applicants will be screened by NLNW staff based on qualifying criteria for an invitation to participate in locally-held pitch night events in the participating communities of Elk Grove Village, Hanover Park, Hoffman Estates, Rolling Meadows, and Schaumburg.

NLNW will cover all costs and match you with a qualified coach within the region based on your needs.

What This Service Entails


  • Businesses who make it through the pitch process will engage with a Next Level Northwest coach for a 30-Day Discovery Process period.

  • Based on the results and comfort level of the two participants, the Discovery Process can be extended into a full 90-Day Client Coach Collaboration with the goal of identifying and overcoming barriers to growth, developing a long term business plan, and attaining an enhanced level of business competency.



Phase 2 - Ongoing Development

The pursuit of business excellence is a journey, and NLNW is committed to supporting businesses as they continue on this path. Upon completion of Phase 1, participating businesses will be given access to the NLNW network of regional business mentors and are strongly encouraged to further their development through a 12- or 24-month mentor commitment.

What This Service Entails


  • The Ongoing Development phase is designed to increase business flexibility in adapting to rapidly changing external environments. It involves business sustainability best practices and is designed to help leaders develop organizational wisdom to help better deal with change, ignite innovation, and create an efficient culture.

  • Graduates are also encouraged to support NLNW in a variety of ways -- as coaches, mentors, and through financial contributions over the course of the three years following completion of their accelerator engagement.